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    Forres Open Pairs
The Draw has been made for the Forres Open Pairs which is kindly sponsored by David Petrie Handyman this coming weekend, 18th & 19 May.

Last year's winners, Lesley and Paul Coutts, begin their defence with a match against Donnie Ross (Nairn).

The draw times in full: -


Brian MacWilliam (Nairn) v Rob McArthur (Forres)
Ann Grant (Forres) v Kevin MacWilliam (Nairn)
Charlie Watt (Forres) v Neil Ogilvie (St Andrews & Urquhart)
Paul Craib (Hopeman) v Alan Gardner (Forres)
George Fraser (St Aethan's) v Sam Morrison (Forres)
Neil Dallas (Grant Park) v Harry Sutherland (Forres)


Meg Spence (Moray) v Willie Stronach (Tomintoul)
Denny Cameron (Aberlour) v Alex Porter (Forres)
Jim Jones (Forres) v Brian Green (Forres)
Gordy McDonald (St Aethan's) v Lindsey Petrie (Forres)
Eddie Cowie (Forres) v John Matthews (Forres)
Willie Adam (St Aethan's) v Davie Petrie (Forres)


John Smith (Aviemore) v Alex MacGregor (Cooper Park)
Paul Coutts (Forres) v Donnie Ross (Nairn)
John Whitton (Grant Park) v Robert Goodall (St Aethan's)


John Levey (Nairn) v John Ross (Forres)
Hugh McBean (Nairn) v Alan McDonald (Grant Park)

Posted: 13th May 19

    Monday 13 May 2019 - Scott Cup
Ann Grant has already taken a two point lead after just two rounds of the Scott Cup! Ann was a winner for the second week in succession, joined on this occasion by Elma McInnes and Dean Dobbs. They scored twelve shots over the opening two ends against Brian Caldwell's novice team, and went on to win eleven of their sixteen ends.

Half a dozen shots scored at the fifth end put John Matthews ahead of Stuart Robertson, and he stayed there.

Sam Morrison was in control for most of his match with Derek Sobey. However, he had to win the final three ends after Derek started to get close.

A fantastic shot by Louise Morris at the penultimate end to prevent losing a six to Alex Porter ensured that she won the tie which she dominated.

Sandy Burgess staged a great comeback, scoring ten shots over the final four ends to defeat Harry Sutherland. Harry had led 15-6 after twelve ends.

Brian Riddell led Jim Ross 15-7 with five ends to play. A great fightback from Jim ended the match in a stalemate.


D Dobbs 30, B Caldwell 8; J Matthews 17, S Robertson 10; S Morrison 15, D Sobey 9; L Morris 16, A Porter 11; A Burgess 16, H Sutherland 15; Jim Ross 16, B Riddell 16.

Posted: 13th May 19

    Thursday 9 May 2019 - Moving Hat-Night
Thursday's Moving Hat-Night was won by Ray Boyd, Ed Harris and Dean Dobbs. The trio kept on the move, winning three and drawing one of their four sets.

Harry Sutherland recovered well after losing his first set. He won the other three.

Jim Ross was 12-1 up after seven ends, but lost multiple shots in alternate ends thereafter.

Although he started badly, Brian Riddell won the majority of the ends that he played.

Losing a shot at the final end consigned Derek Sobey to a negative final score.

Although he started with a four, Alex Porter had a miserable evening stuck on Rink 2.

A poor final set left John Matthews in the red.

Brian Caldwell's recent bad luck continued as he spent the whole evening on Rink 4.


D Dobbs 9 up; H Sutherland 7 up; Jim Ross 5 up; B Riddell 2 up; D Sobey 1 down; A Porter 4 down; J Matthews 4 down; B Caldwell 14 down.

Posted: 9th May 19

    Tuesday 7 May 2019 - Over-55s League
Forres got off to a good start in the Over-55s League by winning 4-2 away at Moray.

Stars of the show were Marjory McCarthy and Brian Caldwell. They led their hosts 11-1 after seven ends, and went on to win 21-6. A handful of shots at the last put the icing on the cake.

Elma McInnes and Davie Petrie recovered from trailing 9-4 after eight ends to record a victory half a dozen ends later.

Chris Stoves and Charlie Watt had a miserable afternoon, losing a SEVEN on their way to a heavy defeat.

Forres host Garmouth next Tuesday.

Posted: 7th May 19

    Monday 6 May 2019 - Scott Cup
Kath Todd won her second hat night in a row as she, Ann Grant and Sandy Burgess won the first official hat night of the season in the four month quest to capture the Scott Cup. The trio were in sparkling form, dropping just two single shots to Brian Caldwell.

After an even initial seven ends, Stuart Robertson hit a SIX to put daylight between him and John Matthews. This started a good run of scoring for Stuart before John took the final two ends.

Dean Dobbs suffered a poor start against Alex Porter, losing the first five ends. However he won seven of the remaining eleven ends to restrict Alex's score.

In a match that swung one way then the other, Brian Riddell led Louise Morris 12-7 with five to play. Louise won that five ends, picking up a handful of shots at the last.

Little separated Steve Gill and Derek Sobey all night. Steve won the final three ends for a two shot victory.

In a tale of two halves, John Ross trailed Harry Sutherland 11-6 at the halfway point before doing enough in the second half to draw.


A Burgess 32, B Caldwell 2; S Robertson 24, J Matthews 12; A Porter 19, D Dobbs 9; L Morris 19, B Riddell 12; Steve Gill 12, D Sobey 10; John Ross 15, H Sutherland 15.

Posted: 6th May 19

    Thursday 2 May 2019 - Moving Hat-Night
Thursday's Moving Hat-Night was won by Kath Todd and Harry Sutherland. Despite some heavy scoring, they kept on the move. An excellent final set, which they won 10-1, got them through.

Dean Dobbs also finished the evening well, but paid the price for getting trounced 10-0 in the third set.

John Ross kept on the move, but was put in his place by Dean in the final set.

Losing a SIX at the final end left Louise Morris snatching a draw from the jaws of victory!

After struggling all evening, John Matthews finished in style with the aforementioned SIX.

Brian Caldwell had a miserable evening. He even lost the toss after drawing the third set!


H Sutherland 13 up; D Dobbs 12 up; John Ross 2 up; L Morris peels; J Matthews 6 down; B Caldwell 21 down.

Posted: 2nd May 19

    Monday 29 April 2019 - Charity Hat-Night
28 Players took part in tonight's Charity Hat-Night with all proceeds going to Breast Cancer Awareness Scotland.

Winners of the evening were Jim Jones, Sheila Cruickshank and Marjory McCarthy. Although already 8-3 up on John Matthews by half-time, they showed him no mercy in the second half. A SIX at the fourteenth end rubbed salt into John's wounds.

Sam Morrison and Sandy Burgess had a closely fought encounter – until Sam won the final handful of ends.

Four shots scored at the final end saw Louise Morris gain a victory over John Ross.

In a game of two halves, Dean Dobbs led Brian Caldwell 14-3 after eight ends. Brian fought back however, and eventually won 19-17!

Jim Ross won the majority of his ends, but his nine single shots meant that he was just pipped by Derek Sobey.


M McCarthy 20, J Matthews 6; S Morrison 19, A Burgess 10; L Morris 17, John Ross 13; B Caldwell 19, D Dobbs 17; D Sobey 10, Jim Ross 9.

Posted: 29th April 19
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