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Forres Open Pairs Sat 19th May 2018   
A Tier 3 Ranked Competition licensed by Bowls Scotland. MAIN SPONSOR – DAVID PETRIE, HANDYMAN. EARLY ROUNDS on SATURDAY 19 MAY 2018. QUARTER FINALS, SEMI-FINALS & FINAL on SUNDAY 20 MAY 2018. ENTRY FEE - £6 PER PAIR. CLOSING DATE – SUNDAY 13 MAY 2018. PLEASE SEND ENTRIES TO ALEX PORTER BY ANY OF THE FOLLOWING METHODS: - Post – 2 Roysvale Place, FORRES IV36 1PN; Email – portergeist2607@hotmail.com; Phone – (01309) 676753.

Forres Open Triples Sat 7th Jul 2018   
A Tier 3 Ranked Competition licensed by Bowls Scotland. MAIN SPONSOR – TOM ROSS & SONS. EARLY ROUNDS on SATURDAY 7 JULY 2018. QUARTER FINALS, SEMI-FINALS & FINAL on SUNDAY 8 JULY 2018. ENTRY FEE - £9 PER TRIPLE. CLOSING DATE – SUNDAY 1 JULY 2018. PLEASE SEND ENTRIES TO ALEX PORTER BY ANY OF THE FOLLOWING METHODS: - Post – 2 Roysvale Place, FORRES IV36 1PN; Email – portergeist2607@hotmail.com; Phone – (01309) 676753
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    Monday 16 April 2018
Kath Todd, Mary Sobey, Dean Dobbs and Sandy Burgess won the first unofficial hat-night of the season on a countback, Despite losing ten shots to Derek Sobey over the final four ends.

Lindsey Petrie very nearly took the plaudits with her final end shot against John Ross.


A Burgess 22, D Sobey 17; L Petrie 15, John Ross 10.

Posted: 16th April 18

    Sunday 15 April 2018 - Green Opening
Forres Bowling Club President, Sandy Burgess, welcomed over 60 members and guests to the club's Green Opening. The first jack of the season was delivered by Sandy's wife, Isobel. A 16-end President verses Vice-President led match followed.

The President's team emerged with a 100-71 victory.

Top rink of the day was Marjory McCarthy (substituted by Ann Grant after 10 ends), Sam Morrison, Steve Gill and Neil Ogilvie. They hit Dougie Milne for six at the first end and never looked back. Dougie did win the final three ends, but still lost 22-9.

Paul Coutts staged a great comeback against John Ross. Despite trailing 16-9 with three ends left, he still managed to level things at 16-16!

Sandy Burgess and Brian Green had a close game for nine ends. Sandy then started to pull away, finishing with a 15-8 victory.

It was the eleventh end before Dean Dobbs really got going, by which time John Matthews had taken a 13-2 lead. John won 17-8 in the end.

Harry Sutherland scored eleven shots in the final six ends but just failed to catch Davie Petrie, who seemed to do one of his 'Sleeping Beauty' impersonations mid-game!

Alex Porter fought back after trailing Hugh McBean 7-3. However he nearly threw the game away by losing a four at the last.

Posted: 15th April 18

    Sunday 10 September 2017 - Closing Day
Despite 'inflating' their score by fourteen points, Ed Harris and Brian Green did enough to win the closing day 4-3-2-1 competition. They won all four sets and scored a maximum ten points against Brian Caldwell at the tenth end.

John Ross finished strongly, twice taking ten points off of Alex Porter, but his chances of winning overall had gone.


B Green 42 up; John Ross 30 up; K Sutherland 26 up; R Pollock 14 up; D Dobbs peels; A Porter 6 down; Jim Ross 10 down; A Burgess 26 down; A MacPherson 28 down; B Caldwell 42 down.

Posted: 17th September 17

    Monday 11 September 2017 - Moving Hat-Night
The final hat-night of the season at Forres Bowling Club was won by Louise Morris and John Ross. They won all three of their sets with the loss of just five shots.

Dean Dobbs also won all three sets, but, although he dropped just four shots, didn't score well enough.

Stuart Robertson and Alex Porter both lost all three, with Alex bringing up the rear.


John Ross 19 up; D Dobbs 14 up; S Robertson 13 down; A Porter 20 down.

Posted: 11th September 17

    Sunday 10 September 2017 - Andrew Smith Triples
The final trophy of the season, the Andrew Smith Triples, has been won by Mary Williamson, Bob Pollock and Harry Sutherland. Although they lost their second and third sets, they won their final five to win the trophy by one point over Steve Gill, Charlie Watt and Larry Gill. Bob and Harry were also part of the team which won the Thomson Rosebowl.


H Sutherland 12pts, 43 shots; L Gill 11pts, 36 shots; A Porter 8pts, 31 shots; S Robertson 8pts, 30 shots; L Petrie 7pts, 37 shots; D Dobbs 7pts, 33 shots; Jim Ross 7pts, 18 shots; J Matthews 6pts, 28 shots; John Ross 6pts, 25 shots.

Posted: 10th September 17

    Monday 4 September 2017 - Hat-Night
Although he already has the Scott Cup in the bag, Keith Sutherland keeps winning the Monday Hat-Nights! A handful at the final end gave him and Charlie Watt victory over Bob Pollock and enough to win overall.

Had Harry Sutherland taken more care over his scorecard he would have won the evening on a countback! He won his final five ends against Jim McKen, but only registered four of them!

Losing a four at the last end to Sandy Burgess cost Stuart Robertson the plaudits. He had led 11-1 after just four ends.

The main reason John Ross defeated Dean Dobbs was the five he earned at the thirteenth end.


K Sutherland 22, R Pollock 12; H Sutherland 20, J McKen 10; S Robertson 20, A Burgess 13; John Ross 18, D Dobbs 11.

Posted: 4th September 17

    Saturday 2 September 2017 - Torrance Purvis Trophy
Elma McInnes and Lindsey Petrie helped the Moray ladies to come third in the Torrance Purvis Trophy at Northfield, Ayr. The competition was won by Lanarkshire.

Posted: 2nd September 17
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