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 Membership Details
A club membership (free of charge) allows individual bowling clubs to utilise their own unique page within the bowlsevents website. It is up to each individual club what they put on their page but some suggestions may be:
  • * Photos of the club or of events that happen throughout the year.
  • * Competition draws for all members to view at any time.
  • * Weekly and monthly club news as it happens.
  • * Special dates for members to remember (annual syllabus).
  • * Membership or other offers.
  • * Promote club open competitions in the 'Events' heading on your clubpage - these will then appear in the main 'Events' section/tab of the website for nationwide promotion.
  • * Host draw details (saving money on postage/phone calls etc) and provide entry forms.
  • * History of your club.
  • * Honours won by members.

We will provide your club with a password to be used by committee members/Club Secretary/President or whoever the club chooses to input the information. We will also provide round the clock support to help get you up and running if anyone is unsure about adding the information. There are no charges to pay for your webpage, it is completely free of charge. The only section of your webpage we at bowlsevents may utilise is the section down the left hand side of the page which we may use for a very limited amount of local advertising. This will help us recuperate the costs involved in running this free service for bowling clubs (see Prestwick (Ambassador) Indoor Bowling Club as an example). To take up this free membership offer please contact us at info@bowlsevents.co.uk or via the telephone numbers in the 'Contact Us' section of the website.
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